Arboriculture (BP) Occupational Certificate

Overview and Award Outcomes


This specialized area of study leads to a certificate in arboriculture. Arboriculture is the study of and care of trees and other landscape woody plants. The students will study plant materials, insects, diseases and environmental problems affecting woody plants of the upper midwest. This course of study will also include courses relating to maintenance practices necessary to insure the health and beauty of woody plants in the landscape. Students will have the opportunity to develop field skills in rope and saddle trimming work.

Award Outcomes

Identify Minnesota native woody plants by botanical/common name.

Select plant needs with proper site characteristics.

Implement proper planting techniques.

Implement proper tree care to potential clients.

Identify common urban tree pests.

Prescribe treatment for common urban tree pests.

Integrate a sustainable approach to landscape installation and maintenance.

Career Opportunities

Students completing the arboriculture certificate may be employed in the tree service industry, park systems and ground maintenance businesses.

Program Requirements

Technical Studies Required 23 Credits

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Credits
LNDC1120Woody Plants I - Trees


LNDC1131Arboriculture I


LNDC1145Tree Climbing Operations


LNDC1151Insects and Diseases of Landscape Plants


LNDC1190Woody Plants II - Shrubs


LNDC2165Advanced Arboriculture


LNDC2341Arboriculture Internship Certificate


General Education Required 0 Credits

General Education Elective 0 Credits

Technical Studies Elective 0 Credits

Total Occupational Certificate Credits 23

Semester Sequence

Prerequisite Semester

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Credits

First Semester

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Credits

Second Semester

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Credits

Third Semester

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Credits

Fourth Semester

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Credits