Manufacturing Fundamentals (M-Powered) (BP/EP) Occupational Certificate

Overview and Award Outcomes


M-Powered is a four part career training program designed to fast-track students into an entry-level manufacturing job and begins a life-long education and career track in manufacturing.

Award Outcomes

Apply math skills for industry.

Examine the Scientific Method.

Demonstrate use of lab equipment.

Examine safety and awareness compliance procedures.

Categorize terms and methods used to communicate in manufacturing Characterize various metal types and chemicals.

Analyze the manufacturing cycle.

Demonstrate computer usage.

Outline the operating environment for organizational teams.

Demonstrate best practices and compliance to industry benchmarks.

Model positive workplace behaviors.

Identify clean room processes.

Career Opportunities

Graduates from the M-Powered program may have career opportunities as Computer-Numerical-Control (CNC) mill, lathe, stamping, bending and forming machine operators, assemblers, quality control specialists, research and development specialists, precision stamping and entry-level welders. Machine operators are employed in both small and large manufacturing firms that produce durable goods. Manufacturing Technicians can be employed in areas related to engineering, production, research & development, and or quality. Graduates may pursue jobs in the medical device, aerospace, computer and bioscience manufacturing fields. Excellent opportunities exist for personal and professional growth to high-skill, high-wage positions in these industries.

Program Requirements

Technical Studies Required 11 Credits

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Credits
METS1100Manufacturing Fundamentals I


METS1105Manufacturing Fundamentals II


METS1150M-Powered Internship


General Education Required 0 Credits

General Education Elective 0 Credits

Technical Studies Elective 5 Credits

Any ARET, ENGC, ELEC, IBEM, FLPW, MACH, METS, PLST, or WLDG course that is not required for this award may be used as an elective.

Total Occupational Certificate Credits 16

Semester Sequence

Prerequisite Semester

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Credits

First Semester

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Credits

Second Semester

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Credits

Third Semester

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Credits

Fourth Semester

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Credits