Non-Structural Repair Technician Assistant (BP/EP) Occupational Certificate

Overview and Award Outcomes


This certificate prepares students to perform non-structural repairs. This includes panel repairs of four hours or less, bolt-on panel replacements and weld-on panel replacements.

Award Outcomes

Demonstrate electrical circuit repairs.

Perform repairs on plastics.

Create damage report utilizing the procedure pages.

Perform proper replacement techniques on structural parts.

Apply straightening techniques on structural parts.

Demonstrate stationary glass replacement.

Solve paint application problems.

Apply primer surfacer to paint company and industry standards.

Perform techniques for removing and replacing bolt-on parts.

Body fill a one hour dent to industry standards.

Execute MIG welding metal procedures according to I-CAR standards.

Demonstrate metal cutting using an oxy/act torch.

Career Opportunities

Auto Body Technician Assistants work for automotive dealerships, independent auto shops, government agencies and other organizations that maintain their own fleets of trucks and cars. As a Non-structural Repair Technician Assistant the student will assist the Journeyman in repairing and replacing components in the day-to-day operations of vehicle repair.

Program Requirements

Technical Studies Required 13 Credits

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Credits
ABCT1145Cutting, Heating and MIG Welding


ABCT1150Trim, Moveable Glass and Hardware


ABCT1155Metal Straightening and Body Filler I


ABCT1160Bolt-on, Weld-on Panel Replacement and Alignment


General Education Required 0 Credits

General Education Elective 0 Credits

Technical Studies Elective 3 Credits


Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Credits
ABCT1165Using Body Filler II


ABCT2495Auto Body Internship I


ABCT2600Collision Lab

1 - 8

Total Occupational Certificate Credits 16

Semester Sequence

Prerequisite Semester

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Credits

First Semester

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Credits

Second Semester

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Credits

Third Semester

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Credits

Fourth Semester

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Credits