Mechatronics (EP) Advanced Technical Certificate

Overview and Award Outcomes


The Mechatronics Certificate program is designed to reinforce the core technical skills and real-world application needed in today’s manufacturing environment. Through alignment with PMMI’s (The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies) Mechatronics Certification Program, Hennepin Technical College’s Mechatronics Certificate offers a set of stackable credentials that are recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor and endorsed by the National Association of Manufacturer’s Skills Certification System.

Through a series of assessments that are based on industry-developed competencies, the Mechatronics Certificate and corresponding review courses will help students advance the set of skills needed to gain employment in manufacturing environments. The tests that the courses are aligned with allow both new and incumbent workers—entry-level operator through technologist—to demonstrate the skills needed for high-growth, technology intensive manufacturing jobs. Mechatronics Certificate Review courses are ideal for industrial maintenance staff, as well.

Award Outcomes

Apply electrical and mechanical machine control concepts to automated packaging systems

Perform basic electrical, electronic, welding, machining, laser, vision system, robotic, and fluid power operations

Use technical documents to assemble, install, troubleshoot and repair automated packaging systems

Diagnose root problems impacting production flow

Solve root problems to maintain production flow

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities are wide-spread in Minnesota and throughout the United States. Extensive opportunities exist as Electrical and Electronics Technicians for industrial equipment, Industrial Machinery Mechanics, Industrial Engineering Technicians, Mechanical Engineering Technicians, and as Packaging Technicians.

Program Requirements

Technical Studies Required 17 Credits

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Credits
ARET1185Sensor Applications


ARET2300Mechanical Components I Certificate Review


ARET2320Industrial Electricity I Certificate Review


ARET2330Industrial Electricity II Certificate Review


ARET2340Programmable Logic Controllers I Certificate Review


ARET2360Automated Fluid Power I Certificate Review


General Education Required 0 Credits

General Education Elective 0 Credits

Technical Studies Elective 0 Credits

Total Advanced Technical Certificate Credits 17

Semester Sequence

Prerequisite Semester

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Credits

First Semester

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Credits

Second Semester

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Credits

Third Semester

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Credits

Fourth Semester

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Credits